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Independent and Focused on Finding and Reaching Your Goals

Our firm practices with an independent model along with an open-architecture platform, which allows us to provide sound, unbiased financial advice to our clients. Every financial plan that we structure for our clients is customized to meet their short, medium and long-term goals.

We believe in adapting to a changing economic environment. To uphold to this belief, we regularly rebalance and reevaluate client portfolios and their written financial plans to ensure they match our clients’ personal goals while acting in accordance with the current nature of the changing economy.

With our clients in mind, we have established a suite of services, aimed to provide our clients with a one-stop shop for all their financial needs. Our team approach provides our clients a level expertise across the firm so each client receives the best advice possible.

Our goal is to establish lasting successful relationships with our clients. It is our priority to help you achieve your goals so that you can enjoy more of your life.

Aligning Your Values with Your Wealth

Aligning Your Values with Your Wealth

Tundidor Wealth endeavors to understand your hopes and dreams as well as your risk tolerance, fears, and concerns as the first steps in preparing your unique financial plan. Our unique approach to financial planning and advice is not a “cookie cutter” solution, it comes from us listening and understanding your values to help draw out your goals and objectives.

Desires, Goals, and the Final Objective

Desires, Goals, and the Final Objective

We educate and guide you through the intersection between what matters to you and the things you can control. We are not here to sell you a product, we give our clients the familiarity of a larger national brand with the flexibility and intimacy of an independent boutique firm. We work with our clients to imagine the life they want to live then shape goals and objectives to help them live that life.

Knowing where you are starting

Knowing where you are starting

Our in-depth approach to your financial health reviews your documents such as individual & business tax returns, investments, wills, trusts, business agreements, and your budget. The more you are willing to share the more complete our understanding of your situation will be. We review this information and your goals and objectives with you, and this is the baseline for the development of your financial plan.

Preparing You Through Any Life Stage

Each life stage has unique financial needs. We’re here to help with all your current and future goals.

<strong>Starting Out</strong>

Starting Out

<strong>Growing Wealth</strong>

Growing Wealth

<strong>Nearing Retirement</strong>

Nearing Retirement

<strong>Living In Retirement</strong>

Living In Retirement

<strong>&#160;</strong><strong>Our Process Tailored to Your Preferences</strong>

Our Process Tailored to Your Preferences

Our core understanding of your unique situation, goals and objectives serves as the guide for a robust and time-based financial plan. We focus on identifying potential challenges and educating you on viable options and alternatives. We believe strongly that the more prepared you are the likely you are to reach your desired outcomes. Your financial plans blend stability, with growth and ultimately income and are monitored for necessary adjustments as needed.