Why Us?

Independent Financial Planning firm: We do not work for a major money manager, bank or captive brokerage firm. We only work for you.

Personalized One-on-One Relationship:  Our clients receive individual Financial Planning and Advice that caters to their specific needs and not a standard "Cookie Cutter" plan.  They also find comfort in knowing that they can contact and meet with us directly and not a 1-800 number.  Ultimately, we give our clients the familiarity of a large national brand while providing the flexibility and intimacy of a local boutique firm.

Unbiased And Independent:  There are many Financial firms that favor their own proprietary investments and strategies.  We believe in recommending investments and services that are best for our clients regardless of the company they are from.  Because our firm is truly independent,  we formulate our clients' financial plans and recommendations catered specifically to them without the bias that can result from having proprietary products and services.  Our clients appreciate not being exposed to this potential conflict of interest.  Clients want a trusted advisor that sits on the same side of the table as they do.

Fiduciary Responsibility: Briefly means that we are legally obligated to put the clients best interests first for advisory clients and most retirement accounts.  

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