Core Competencies

core competencies of Tundidor & Weiss

When we established Tundidor and Weiss Investment Group, we put these 3 Core Competencies at the heart of all that we do:



We make sure our clients come first. We value any opinions that our clients have and take any and all concerns into consideration. We believe it is important to have an established relationship with clients. The importance resides in creating long-running connections. It's not about a meeting here and there, rather we want your family to be comfortable working with us. It is our duty to be professional while also maintaining trust between advisor and client. We are always there to support our clients every step of the way, from opening their first account to eventually making that transition into retirement.



With the market always changing, it is critical to keep up to date with the trends. We pride ourselves in thinking innovatively to match those movements. Our focus is to constantly update our client portfolios, making sure that they adapt and match those market changes. To appropriately allocate investments, the significance lies in diversification while matching customer needs. We are always attending events to learn more about new products, methodology, and updated technology. Our vigilance ensures that our clients will always have peace of mind when it comes to their financial future.



We want our reputation to speak for itself. In addition to strictly abiding by all rules and regulations, we are diligent in ensuring that every step taken is in the client's best interest. Along with that, we want to make sure our clients are comfortable with the processes we follow and the template we have established. When a client works with us, they know we are there every step of the way.