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Tundidor and Weiss Investment Group

Our firm was established with several components in mind. In order to provide sound, unbiased financial advice to our clients, we practice with an independent model along with an open-architecture platform. Our independent model allows us flexibility with strategies, not limiting us to a specific set of products or funds. Our open-architecture platform works cohesively with our independent model. Every financial plan that we structure for our clients is based on them as an individual and focuses on their short, medium and long-term goals. Being fully licensed, we keep these ideals in mind while offering a broad range of financial products and services to our clients.


We believe in adapting to a changing economic environment. Paralleling this belief, we are constantly rebalancing and reevaluating client portfolios. We see the importance in making sure client holdings not only match their personal goals and risk tolerance but also act in accordance with the current nature of the changing economy.


With our clients in mind, we established a suite of services. Through this concept, we aim to provide our clients with a one-stop shop for all of their financial needs. If we are solely unable to provide our clients expertise level advice, we have professionals on our team that are qualified to do so.


We have noted many similar perceptions among retirement-aged individuals. The two most crucial concepts that we have discovered are the need for consolidation and simplicity. The complexity and constantly changing financial world can be hard to manage, and that's why we're here. We want to make sure our clients' lives are simpler, not harder.


Our ultimate goal is to establish lasting successful relationships with our clients. It is our priority to help you achieve your goals so that you can enjoy more of life.



Voya FinancialTM, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA), which has rebranded from ING U.S., is composed of premier retirement, investment and insurance companies serving the financial needs of approximately 15 million individual and institutional customers in the United States. The company's vision is to be America's Retirement CompanyTM and its guiding principle is centered on solving the most daunting financial challenge facing Americans today — retirement readiness.

Working directly with clients and through a broad group of financial intermediaries, independent producers, affiliated advisors and dedicated sales specialists, Voya provides a comprehensive portfolio of asset accumulation, asset protection and asset distribution products and services. With a dedicated workforce of approximately 7,000 employees, Voya is grounded in a clear mission to make a secure financial future possible — one person, one family, one institution at a time.


Voya Financial Businesses

Through its Retirement Solutions, Investment Management and Insurance Solutions businesses, Voya has access to 13 million customers through approximately 220,000 points of distribution with $525 billion in total AUM and AUA as of 6/30/14.

Retirement Solutions is a leading provider of retirement products and services in the U.S. with approximately $377 billion in assets under management and administration as of 6/30/14, and serving approximately 47,000 institutional clients, more than 5 million individual retirement plan investors, over 2,400 financial advisors and their clients, and over 417,000 retail fixed annuity product customers. The business is focused on guiding Americans to greater retirement readiness through employer-sponsored savings plans, retail fixed annuities and holistic retirement and income guidance. Retail products are distributed through two primary channels: 1) Investor Channel — a dedicated team of financial professionals who provide phone-based guidance; and 2) Voya Financial Advisors — a top-tier, independent broker/dealer that supports a wide range of clients offering education, financial planning and a broad range of personalized asset accumulation, protection and distribution solutions.

Investment Management is a leading, active asset management firm with $208 billion of assets under management as of 6/30/14 for both affiliated and external institutions as well as for individual investors. Drawing on 40 years of history in investment management, the firm has the experience and resources to provide clients with investment solutions with an emphasis on equities, fixed income, and multi-asset income strategies.

Insurance Solutions is a top-tier provider of term life insurance and top-10 provider of medical stop-loss coverage in the U.S. The business comprises two segments: 1) Individual Life — with over $2 billion in gross premiums as of 12/31/13 — provides wealth protection and transfer opportunities through universal, variable and term products; and 2) Employee Benefits provides stop-loss, group life, voluntary employee-paid and disability products to large businesses covering 4.4 million individuals.

Details on financial ratings can be found on Voya Financial's Investor Relations site.

Awards and Recognition


  • Named a 2015, 2015, and 2017 World's Most Ethical Companies® by Ethisphere Institute
  • A top-five retirement plan provider based on number of plans, participants and assets1
  • A full-service asset manager with 100% of fixed income assets and 41% of equity assets outperforming their benchmarks on a 5-year basis2
  • A top-tier independent broker-dealer network in the U.S.3
  • A top-tier provider of life insurance4
  • A top-10 medical stop-loss coverage provider in the U.S.5
1 Pensions & Investments Defined Contribution Record Keepers Survey, March 2014 (ING U.S. data provided as of 9/30/2013)
2 As of 3/31/14
3 InvestmentNews BD Data Center
4 LIMRA U.S. Individual Life Insurance Sales in the U.S. 3Q 2013 Participant
5 MyHealthGuide newsletter rankings as of 2/11/2014; does not include most managed healthcare providers